Used Agilent 1200 Hplc system with Degasser,Bin pump ,Hip-als ,MWD,TCC

The binary pump comprises two identical pumps integrated into one housing. It provides gradient generation by high-pressure mixing The binary pump is based on a two-channel, dual-piston in-series design which comprises all essential functions that a solvent delivery system has to fulfill. Metering of solvent and delivery to the high-pressure side are performed by two pump assemblies which can generate pressure up to 400 bar.

Each channel comprises a pump assembly including pump drive, pump head, active inlet valve which has a replaceable cartridge, and outlet valve. Both channels are connected in a low-volume mixing chamber which is connected by a capillary coil to a damping unit and a mixer. A purge valve including a PTFE frit is fitted at the pump outlet for convenient priming of the pumping system


This HP/Agilent 1200 Series HPLC system with binary pump. It comes with the followings:

  • G1379B Degasser
  • G1312A Bin pump 
  • G1367B Hip-als 
  • G1330B FC/Als therm 
  • G1316A TCC
  • G1365C MWD

Used Agilent 1200 Hplc system with Degasser,Bin pump ,Hip-als ,MWD,TCC  is currently not available.